How to Navigate this Site

Welcome to, a free, non-commercial website devoted to finding locations used in the filming of the motion picture Brokeback Mountain.

Entering the site from the “Site Directory” page, you will see a narrow window to the left with a “navigation icon” at the top, and a list of links below. The large window on the right (this window) is used to display the results of clicking either a navigation icon, or a link. Clicking the navigation icon will provide a simple reminder of where you are; by default, the navigation icon is the “Poster Icon.”

Most users of will find it easiest to obtain specific location information by clicking on the “DVD Chapters” link to display a list of the film’s chapters (corresponding to Brokeback Mountain DVD chapters). Upon selecting a chapter from the menu that follows, users can again use the left screen window to select individual scenes of interest.

If you happen to know the DVD time code of a scene, click the “DVD Time Codes” link from the Site Directory and find your time code on the subsequent menu and access that scene.

Note that clicking either the DVD Chapters link, or the DVD Time Codes link, will change the Poster Icon to the “DVD Icon.”

Each of the more than 160 scene screens include a still capture from the DVD and corresponding location information, including directions to the site, map and satellite photo links, photographs of the site, descriptive remarks, and a quotation. The “Surrounding Area” photographs can be enlarged by clicking the thumbnails that will be seen at the bottom of this window.

The “Geographic Locations” link allows users to plan their own BBM trips.  Clicking this link allows you to see maps of locations which are in the same geographic “region” or “area.” Different lists of locations within these areas will be seen in the window to the left. Note that clicking the Geographic Locations link will change the navigation icon to the “Map Icon”; also, clicking the Map Icon allows switching rapidly between individual locations and the maps and lists of locations in other areas. (See also “Planning a Brokeback Mountain Trip” for location groupings.)

The “Albums” link allows users to browse albums containing photos of BBM movie locations taken before, during, and after filming. Clicking an album name displays a “cover” page which contains basic information about a particular album. The user can then “continue” to an “Index Page.” The index page displays thumbnails of all the photos in the album; click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the same photo. To see a large version of the next photo in sequence, simply click on it. For more detailed information on how to navigate photo albums, click the “?” at the top of any index page.

The “Search” link allows users to perform a “Key Word Out of Context” (“KWOC”) search of the more than 200 text pages included in this website. To perform a search, simply enter the word or words being sought; search returns links to the pages that contain them. Example keywords include “cairn”, “Columbine”, “laundry day”, “del Mar Wedding”, etc. (no quotes). Note: Pages that have been modified include a revision date at the bottom of the page in the form of  “Revised day month year.” Searching for “Revised December 2007” (no quotes) will return links to pages modified during December 2007; searching for “Revised 2008” (no quotes) will return links to pages modified during the year 2008. Visitors to this site may find this useful in tracking revisions as they occur. Visitors who have downloaded and printed the PDF version of this website may find this a useful way to keep their print copy up to date.

About Brokeback Mountain”, “About This Site”, “Photo Notes” and “Site History” provide background information that may be of interest. “Travel Reminders” and “Links” contain travel suggestions and links to other useful websites.

The many people who have generously contributed their talent and time to this site are thanked under “Credits.” However their real gratification comes in the form of feedback from users of the site. Please use the “Email Us” or “Guest Book” features to let us know about your experience here and share with us any suggestions or questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!


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